Monday, May 18, 2009

oregon trail

The head-of-household likes his Vintage Volvo's almost as much as he loves me.

It was time for his yearly trek to be amongst other enthusiasts. Or freaks. Which ever you prefer.

He took two days off of work.

Besides the time off after me having Cade, this is the only other time he's asked for time off. He's hoping to save up enough time off to retire early.

Because, after all, isn't it about......time?

Down to the Oregon coast we went.

Ate in Portland at Voo Doo Doughnuts.

And at Podnah's. As in, "Howdy, Podnah."

Hands down the best BBQ I've ever eaten. I could bathe in their BBQ sauce. I want to go back. Like, now.

This Guy ate there, too.

Played at some beaches.

And with some cousins.

Aaron had his Volvo fill.

And we actually did go fishing.

Now it's back to life, back to reality.

And in case you're humming the song. Here's the video.


Mike said...
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Pamela said...

Looks like you guys had a lot of fun. But I agree it's always so hard to come back from a vacation.

Beth Tunnell said...

Thanks for the song. It really made me feel the pain of coming back to real life. Because that looked like an awesome trip! We love Portland, too. I'm totally gonna try out Podnah's.

ray-ray says said...
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Smith Family said...

You posted a picture with yourself in it! Your back in business!

Thanks for coming down! We had a great time!

Raych the brain Stangle said...

oh thank the good lord the 80's are over. there is so much to be embarrassed about in the making of that video.

and go you guys for getting in a little vaca. those are always nice. plus it looked like a real honest to goodness good time vacation unlike most of our trips that are just a pretend good time -we usually spend them freaking out that the kids aren't eating or sleeping well. and trying to keep every one in good spirits and not regret opening their doors to us in the 1st place. there is something to be said about just getting a hotel.

Joshua and Jolie said...

I always enjoy reading about the happenings of the Smith family. You guys know how to kick it! Especially at a Volvo convention.
You captured some great moments with the kids at the beach!

Lore Smart said...

Looks like you had a great getaway! You've got the CUTEST kids! Love all the creative pictures.