Sunday, April 19, 2009

you say it's your birthday

Good things happen when you turn two:

Games with family & friends.

Eating cake and ice cream before dinner.

But the best part is playing Legos in your birthday suit.

happy birthday, blake!


Chelsi said...

Happy birthday handsome little guy! I love that last picture with the legos. Priceless!

Joshua and Jolie said...

The lego picture is hilarious! Bravo dad for shielding his manhood.

Puhlman said...

That first picture is soooooo adorable. I was holding Mayah and scrolling down and she saw that last picture. She said, "LOOK, HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY CLOTHES ON". Too funny.

kmay and mike said...

like i've said many a times before....cute kid!!
oh and i think its safe to say i've become lily's favorite :)

The Royals said...

I also love that lego picture!

Raych the brain Stangle said...

don't cha just love little strikers?! my anthropology teacher once told us about his 2 year daughter who would not keep her clothes and his explanation of how it is ok now but when you are 16 that's a no-go. and good on your hubby for keeping it from becoming a black mailing shot. I'm sure he and his future dates will appreciate it.