Monday, March 2, 2009

weekend in review

Started off with precious love notes left by Corgan.
The first one was because I told him to give Lily back the toy he had taken from her. The second one came after I told him to get off the computer because he was throwing a fit about losing a game.

Signed up for the Rock n' Roll Half Marathon in Seattle.

Big baby blessing day. We had 27 people in our teeny-tiny apartment. Full of family. Full of love.

it's blurry, i know. just squint your eyes.

Then Blake topped it off with his ten minute Flight of the Fairy Boy.

Pretty good weekend.


Beth Tunnell said...

Corgan has pretty nice handwriting.

The Dillon 6 said...

I love those notes! Our family's treasure is one that reads: Dear Mom, I hate you. Love, Karen.

A full house of happy family is a miracle. I'm glad you had a great weekend!!

The Odermott's said...

One wild weekend!


that note is spectacular! I love how he crossed out the first one to write the next one. It just means you're doing it right if your kids hate you.

Emily and Nathan said...

Don't you love this age? Looks like you had a busy weekend!

Pamela said...

That is a busy weekend. I love the picture of Blake, so cute. Don't you love kids and their honesty, if Joel could write that well, I'm sure that I would be receiving notes like that everyday all day.

Joshua and Jolie said...

That picture of Blake will be a great one to threaten him with in high school.
"Break curfew one more time, buddy, and that picture is going in your senior year book."