Monday, November 3, 2008

don't forget to vote!

Since tomorrow is "THE DAY", important on so many different issues; I thought I'd write up my little politico manifesto. I hope it makes some sense.

I love America. I love where I live and the freedoms that I enjoy. I love the history of our country and have a deep love for all of those inspired men who sacrificed so much for what we have today. The Founding Fathers were inspired by God. This is the Promised Land and we are so blessed to be living here. I'm proud to be an American. I believe in hard work. Our Founding Fathers did not intend for our country to be Socialistic.

I love life. I'm as Pro-Life as the the earth is round. I don't believe in the term Pro-Choice. The choice was made; and now you're having a baby. Own up to your actions. You decided. It's a selfish thing to make the "choice" for your unborn baby. Elder Russell M. Nelson says it so much better here.

He said, "Elective abortion has been legalized in many countries on the premise that a woman is free to choose what she does with her own body. To an extent this is true for each of us, male or female. We are free to think. We are free to plan. And we are free to do. But once an action has been taken, we are never free from its consequences.

To understand this concept more clearly, we can learn from the astronaut. Anytime during selection or preparation, he or she is free to withdraw from the program. But once the spacecraft has lifted off, the astronaut is bound to the consequences of the previous choice to make the journey.
So it is with people who choose to embark on a journey that leads to parenthood. They have freedom of choice—to begin or not to begin that course. When conception does occur, that choice has already been made.

Yes, a woman is free to choose what she will do with her body. Whether her choice leads to an astronaut’s mission or to a baby, her choice to begin the journey binds her to the consequences of that choice. She cannot “unchoose.”
When the controversies about abortion are debated, “individual right of choice” is invoked as though it were the one supreme virtue. That could only be true if but one person were involved. The rights of any one individual do not allow the rights of another individual to be abused. In or out of marriage, abortion is not solely an individual matter. Terminating the life of a developing baby involves two individuals with separate bodies, brains, and hearts. A woman’s choice for her own body does not include the right to deprive her baby of life—and a lifetime of choices that her child would make."

I love families. I therefore believe in the sanctity of marriage to help protect the family. Marriage is to be only between a man and a woman. If you need further clarification see here.

My dad sent this in an email today...but it was said by Elder Neal A. Maxwell at a BYU Devotional on October 10, 1978. 30 years ago.
He said, Make no mistake about it, brothers and sisters, in the months and years ahead, events are likely to require each member to decide whether or not he will follow the First Presidency. Members will find it more difficult to halt longer between two opinions. President Marion G. Romney said, many years ago, that he had 'never hesitated to follow the counsel of the Authorities of the Church even though it crossed my social, professional or political life.'
This is hard doctrine, but it is particularly vital doctrine in a society which is becoming more wicked
. In short, brothers and sisters, not being ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ includes not being ashamed of the prophets of Jesus Christ....Your discipleship may see the time when such religious convictions are discounted....This new irreligious imperialism seeks to disallow certain opinions simply because those opinions grow out of religious convictions.
Resistance to abortion will be seen as primitive. Concern over the institution of the family will be viewed as untrendy and unenlightened....Before the ultimate victory of the forces of righteousness, some skirmishes will be lost.
Even in these, however, let us leave a record so that the choices are clear, letting others do as they will in the face of prophetic counsel. There will also be times, happily, when a minor defeat seems probable, but others will step forward, having been rallied to rightness by what we do.
We will know the joy, on occasion, of having awakened a slumbering majority of the decent people of all races and creeds which was, till then, unconscious of itself. Jesus said that when the fig trees put forth their leaves, 'summer is nigh.' Thus warned that summer is upon us, let us not then complain of the heat."

I wanted to give them each a fighting chance. I want to make the right choice. I want to go into the booth tomorrow knowing that I'm making an educated vote. I've watched the debates, discussed with family and friends, and read news articles that have scrutinized the opposing policies. But every time I think about Obama as President, it makes me sick. I don't agree with McCain on everything but because of what I believe above, it was easy to decide which of the two candidates will be receiving my vote tomorrow.


Rosasharne said...

Hi Ray-Ray,
I'm glad to hear your call to vote. I'm also sorry hear your voting choices, but really I'm sorrier that you and I, and people like us, who seem to have many of the same fundamentals at heart, can't find a more common ground. I also love families (all families, however they may be composed), I am also pro life (though not with capital letters--I think legalized abortions reduce dangerous situations for women in the case of rape or health crises, or the case of the illegal, unregulated abortions that will otherwise result from the combination of the criminalization of abortion and a sexually active, broke, and severely under educated (especially regarding sexual activity) population). I resent the anti-abortion camp's exclusive claim on the phrase pro life, I consider myself deeply committed to life, and the increased quality of it, for everyone, including those whom various states in our country would condemn to death.
But again, I'm sad and baffled, as you might be confronted by me, because I also am deeply proud of and committed to the ideals and structures that form the foundation of this country. Because of that, the thought of a McCain presidency makes me sick--I think he (and those who surround him) are committed to obfuscation and unilateral action where the constitution mandates transparency, freedom of information and the expression of it, and checks and balances. There's a lot more (taxes, for example, aren't socialism, Obama is a capitalist in a big way), but I don't want to flood your comment box--it's just filling my mind as much as I'm sure it's filling yours. I'll end by saying that I understand that you may not agree with all of Senator Obama's positions, as you don't agree with all of Senator McCain's, but I wanted you to understand why this other woman out here in the blogosphere, who also loves her family and her country and her principles (and making cupcakes), begs you to consider voting for him one more time, or if you can't, begs you to take a thoughtful, open-minded approach to his presidency if he is elected, and not to write him off. I beg you to do this because I believe he is a man who says what he means, believes in the rule of law and in thinking, reasoning, consulting informed opinion, and is willing to tackle complicated and divisive issues with grace rather than fear-mongering.

Thank you for listening, I hope that you and all of us in this country can find a way to reconcile or work together and make the world a better place.

Puhlman said...

I agree with you 100%. I really think that many people who are taking the Obama side are more worried about $$$ than about values. Obama's speeches are fancy and flowery but will he really do what he says? Not 100% on McCain but a much better decision that Obama. Way to go. My vote is the same. Read my blog. It is long but oh so good. Your dad would love it, I am sure.

Rosasharne said...

I swear I'm stopping after this, but Puhlman, there's no guarantee that anyone will do what they say. There are a hundred factors that could get in the way of even the most well-intentioned. But be assured that even if Obama went against my $$ interests, which he happens not to, and believe me, I don't have many $$, I would vote for him because of my values. Please please don't assume you know the motive of those who believe differently than you do. I've made that mistake so many times, and am trying so hard to stop making it.

Mike said...

Rachel Smith for PRESIDENT..... write her in! Besides Aaron would be a hot 1st lady........

ray-ray says said...


thanks for leaving your comment. it brings another thing i love about living in America....we can agree to disagree. ;)

The Dillon 6 said...

i don't want to vote for either one of them...none of the 4 "deserve" to be in the places that they are. but that doesn't change the fact that they are, and that now i am forced to choose.

and so let's be glad for agency (along with its conseqences) and for our differences.

Stan and Jamie said...

sweet Rach, way to stir up some controversy!!! You know I am just loving reading this, maybe you'll be famous!! Way to go kid!

Rachel said...

rach, thanks for your words! i'm sorry there seems to be disagreements on your comments, but I love how plainly your put your words in your blog and i back you 100%! Sure, McCain doesn't have it all, but for what he stands for, you know the nation will be ok in his hands! I absolutely loved your words on abortion from the apostle! so so true! they made the choice, they have the consequence! thank you!

Lore Smart said...

I love your post Rachel, TOTALLY the correlation with the apostles words. McCain for President!