Tuesday, August 19, 2008

obsession 2008

I'm a night owl by nature; but my new obsession has turned me into an almost insomniac. Staying up until 1:30am, watching the Olympics is an addiction I'm glad only presents itself every two years. ((and no track marks!))
After the kiddos are put to bed, we retire to the couch and flip through the 3 channels of Olympic coverage. I thought we had a good cable package until we were at his parents this past weekend and I realized that Canada does have a purpose as a country. They provide Olympic coverage practically live. Hours earlier than what we were watching. NBC does its job, as does it well. After all, we have Bob Costas. I love Bob Costas. But using Canadian television as an example of what to do for just this one thing could only help, not hurt. I suppose they make good syrup, and bacon. Or, I guess it's really ham.

One more thing. Has anyone else noticed the chest on Alicia Sacramone? I think she's the first Olympic gymnast I've ever seen to actually have boobs that require more than a training bra. Give that girl a gold medal.

thankful things:

1- last night, after coming home from being gone all weekend, we had the windows open to air out the stuffiness. a summer rainstorm rolled through and sniff! the smell of rain was intoxicating.
2- my little sister picked a date out for their wedding.....august 22nd, 2009. i guess we'll be in utah for another birthday of mine. but it's for a good reason! and i'm thankful that i'll have about 7 months to get rid of what this baby is making me look like. ;)
3- dr. oldham. he's our pediatrician and today blake had his well-baby check up. his little red innertube had come back this morning. just in time to have dr. oldham look at in all its glory. he prescribed blake 3 different meds that he feels gets rid of the problem better. and he told me what it actually is called, balanitis. and i strongly recommend NOT looking up pictures of it online. trust me.


Lore Smart said...

I loved your comment about the gymnast with boobs. Totally made me laugh because it is SO true how those gymnasts look so young and "underdeveloped" Dustin and I have got the obsession with the olympics as well. So addicting to watch through the night. Hey the summer olympics(my personal favorite)only come once every 4 years so I guess the loss of sleep can be made up. Loved your post Racheal!

Plain City Dickamores said...

Second, loved the pictures of the boobs.
Third of course i looked up what Blake has. Nasty!!the pictures are yucky, his poor little weiner. Hope the meds work. Love to you all

MoJo's Weekly Update said...

I totally said the same thing to Josh's family about the bobos. They aren't the type of family that talks about those things, so let's just say I was alone enjoying my own comment.

The Dillon 6 said...

I love the Olympics. I think most of the gymnasts look more "womanly" lately. Even Nasty-ugh.