Tuesday, June 24, 2008

what a trip

I gave Aaron the house key because I'm usually the one misplacing things.

I've lost and found my wallet, I don't know how many times.
I still have a missing purse out there somewhere. The best story is when Corgan was just over a year old. We were on the west side and I was driving my parents van. Came out of the store and that was the last time I saw that wallet. Couldn't find it anywhere. Flash forward 2 years and I get a call from my sister in Lacey. They had sold their couch on Craigslist, and she was cleaning it. The couch had a tear in it so she reached in to check for missing toys, instead she pulled out my wallet. We still have no idea how it got there.

Back to the key. Saturday our ward had a temple/cannery trip to Kennewick. Some YW in the ward volunteered to babysit the kiddos and the church building next to the Columbia River Temple. We had carpooled with some friends and as we were leaving out the back door I handed Aaron the spare key.
The temple session was packed.
I stayed behind to help out with the kids, but the cannery also went well.
The weather was in the 90's. The plan was to go to a friend's parents house and eat some dinner and swim in their pool. Exactly when the others were returning from the cannery, the heavens opened up and down-poured huge, heavy drops of summer rain. Accompanied by the sky being filled with thunder and lightening. By the time we got to the house the rain had stopped. So we ate the SUPER good mexican food ((it was really, really good)), and then we went swimming. It was a blast.

When we were loading up for the 2 hour return trip home, I asked Aaron for the house key. He said it was in his church pants. I looked. There was no jingle-jangle. We looked some in the back of the car, but figured it was lost somewhere with the cannery food and wet clothes. It was 10:30 when we arrived home. The girl vehicle was the first to arrive, the boys quickly followed. We had no key. Another friend who works in the office and lives down the street, went to retrieve the master key. We have new doors from the remodeling going on here, it just so happened that the master key and our spare key the office was supposed to have, the contractor had at his house. In Kingston. 3 hours away. The earliest we could get into our place was Monday morning. Aaron tried in vain to get in through a window. He was thisclose to throwing a rock through a window.
Our friend's, the Hajny's came to the rescue. We crashed at their home for two nights. We were lucky that we had some church clothes for us, and Lily had worn a skirt on Saturday. Corgan and Blake wore some of Cash's clothes. Cash is 3 1/2. Jen had some bigger clothes that she had bought for Cash that fit Corgan and Blake was put in some of the younger clothes that had been stored away.
It felt like we were on vacation visiting family. It was a fun weekend. It was a long weekend. But at least it wasn't me who lost the key.

thankful things:

1- the Hajny's for letting us crash at their house.
2- being able to go the the Temple. i had never been to one of smaller ones. if you ever get the chance, go to this one. it's gorgeous!
3- blake is saying a couple new little words, na-na for banana, he'll blow out his mouth when something is hot, and he's almost got milk down.


Stan and Jamie said...

oh man...that is a bummer! But at least you've got some nice friends to rescue you! Sometimes that is just the luck!

Emily and Nathan said...

Wow what a story! I am glad to hear things worked out. The thing I notorious for is locking the keys in the car. I did it 3 times to Nathan's truck before we were married.

TheDillon6 said...

you are a walking disaster, my friend! ;) Glad it all went well!!!

Joshua and Jolie said...

Oh my goodness gracious. What a whirlwind weekend!! You know, if you were TRULY living in a little house on the prairie, you wouldn't have had to worry about locking your homestead before making the long trek to the temple. ;-)
Well, I don't know, maybe our pioneer ancestors locked their houses?!?! You know you can never be too careful around those wiley gun-slingin' folk.

Thank goodness for faithful friends like the Hajney's. I bet that was such a relief to have a place to shack up until Monday a.m. And I bet it was lots of fun too! Building memories to last a lifetime...