Wednesday, May 21, 2008

much ado about volvo's

Aaron is a Volvo Man. His family is a Volvo Family. I guess it's in their DNA. His first Volvo was Henry. A 1967 122S Wagon. He drove it his senior year of high school. While he was on his mission, his dad started to restore it for him. When I met Aaron, my mode of transportation was a green 1980 Volvo DL. I think that was another reason Aaron fell for me. Then about a month before we got married, we were driving down A St in Auburn and saw a 1967 122S two-door, that was up on a dolly. We pulled over and investigated about the car. The man told us that the car was up on the dolly so the city wouldn't tow it away, and that Johnny, the owner would probably be willing to sell it. We got Johnny's info and called him that night. Aaron had me call, he thought that a girl would probably get a better price. I worked my magic and we agreed on $200! Aaron said it would be my wedding gift from him. When we met with him to get the car, it was dark outside and he comes rolling up in 1980-something T-top. He opens his door and 80's rock is blaring from the speakers. Johnny was sporting a sweet permed mullet that was so shiny from the product he had in it, the light from the street lamps was making his head glow like those old paintings of angels. He was both hilarious and inspiring at the same time. ;) So then began the restoration of my blue car. It wasn't blue at the time, but that was color I wanted. To make this long story short, every year a company down in Portland, IPD, has a garage sale every year of all it's parts. They have a huge stock of Volvo ((and Subaru)) car parts. It's a pretty big deal for Volvo lovers. It's held in the parking lot of their warehouse and in the parking lots neighboring, and the street near it, Volvo enthusiasts gather to show off their cars, to covet after others and try to score a deal on parts. It's a weekend that Aaron looks forward to all year long.
That's where we were this past weekend. Aaron drove down with Corgan and his brother, Nate on Friday. I followed on Saturday evening on the train with Lily and Blake. ((a friend's brother had died, and I attended his memorial service saturday afternoon)) So I missed the big Volvo party, but Aaron's other brother, Mike had their 2nd baby 6 weeks ago and they decided to bless little Sam that Sunday since we would all be down there in Portland, where they live.
Fun weekend, hot weekend, and Aaron got a roof rack for the blue car, so he's happy.


Plain City Dickamores said...

I miss henry, i will take him any time!!!!!

TheDillon6 said...

those old Volvos are definitely hot. :)