Tuesday, April 22, 2008

sad day.....

There's been a death in the family.

Corgan informed me that when he grows up, he no longer wants to be a cowboy. He wants to be Indiana Jones instead. ((we borrowed the trilogy from our neighbors a few weeks ago and he fell in love with Indy)) He said that he wants to be Indiana Jones "because he has a face like ours. Little Einstein and other cartoons don't look like us, but Indiana Jones does." Then he made my heart beat again when he said that, "at least for today I don't want to be a cowboy. Tomorrow, I will again."

It made me a little sad when he said he didn't want to be a cowboy. Being a cowboy was the only thing he's wanted since he was about 1 1/2. He absolutely adores cowboys and everything they do. His horse that he's going to have is named Riley, came up with that one when he was 2. He's all black except for white spots on his hooves, tummy, and nose. And of course, he's going to live in Texas so he could ride the range.

My little boy is growing up, and I don't like it.

Don't be fooled by this photo. He's no cowboy, he's Indiana Jones. He came up with his outfit all on his own. Making do with what he's got. He wears a white church shirt, khaki pants, boots, his jacket, his holster with only one gun, that blue and pink scarf is his whip, and you can't forget his hat. He's hoping that he gets a real Indiana Jones hat for his birthday.

thankful things:

1- blake is taking more steps!
2- mike hajny....if you're reading this, i love you. ;)
3- my kids sleeping in this morning until after 9!! we were up super late last night, and they were gracious enough to let their tired mommy sleep! their dad on the other hand, had to get up for work.


Stan and Jamie said...

Those are such cute pictures of Corgan! Can you believe how fast and how big they are getting?!! It's kind of sad!

Emily and Nathan said...

That is so sad! Ethan tries to grow up. I just tell him to stop and that he can't. Then he informs me he has to because that is what little boys do. I personally don't think that is fair.

TheDillon6 said...

how FUNNY! Our family has recently fallen in love with Indiana Jones, too. Malcolm especially...tonight he told me that if he gets a webkinz for his birthday he plans to name him Indiana Jones...and he wants to see the new movie SO bad! I'm right there with him. :)

Mo Jo's Weekly Update said...

I love it! I love boys with an imagination like Corgan's. It's the cutest thing ever and by the way the Indiana Jones photograph is very well shot my friend.

The Kunz Family said...

This is too funny. Love the Indiana Jones outfit! We've been watching the trilogy the past week too...whoohoo getting ready for the sequel!