Sunday, March 30, 2008

groundbreaking news!!

Yesterday was the groundbreaking for the new chapel that's going to be built here. ((it was so cold outside that my ankles turned red where my skirt didn't cover!)) The service was about an hour long. The Stake Presidency was there along with some of the past presidents. Paul and Helen Gene Sabin spoke first; he has lived here in Ellensburg since the church members were meeting at the KOA Campground for services back in the 30's. He told a funny story about one of the very first church members living here in the valley. The church wasn't organized here yet, so after a few weeks of not going to church she thought she might go to one that was held out in Thorpe. After a week or two of attending, she stood up and bore her testimony of Joseph Smith and the gospel. She was asked to not return. ;)
When they had the actual groundbreaking, it was really neat to see all of those priesthood holders out there in the freezing weather, furthering on the work of the Lord. Then they let anyone who wanted to go shovel up some dirt. Corgan was all over that!

thankful things:

1- date night!! i forgot to mention it!! we had a date night with 3 other couples two weeks ago. it was at one of the friends house; she cooked an amazing lasagna and bread sticks for dinner. and HOMEMADE cheesecake. the best part was, NO KIDS!!! it was so weird for it to be quiet during the blessing of the food.
2- i love it how lily wakes up in the morning and shuffles into our room; and comes to my side of the bed and says "good morning". it's so sweet, and so sincere. then she'll climb in under the covers and lay there with me until we need to get up and get corgan ready for school.
3- jane woodbury and her sugar cookie recipe!! i am so glad she taught me how to make them!!!


TheDillon6 said...

new buildings are great!

Stan and Jamie said...

Those pictures are AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing for those of us that couldn't be there! Exciting times!

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure if i am doing this right.....this whole blog this is new to me.....mike and i want to come up in may but we will see on plane tickets.

Hayter Family said...

I'm also thankful for Jane Woodbury.