Wednesday, October 17, 2007

fall activities

Halloween is getting closer and I can't wait! All the way back in August, I decided that Corgan would be Peter Pan and Lily, Tinkerbell. At first, Corgan said that there was no way---he was going to be a cowboy (for the 3rd year in a row). So I just had him watch the movie and he was hooked. ;) I'm making their costumes and they're just about done. As for Blake, I haven't yet decided what he's going to be. He was going to be Captain Hook....but I don't know anymore. Decisions, decisions.

Last week we went to Chelan for two nights. (I had won a drawing from the Chamber of Commerce last year with the triathlon fiasco) We had two nights at Campbell's Resort and a few gift certificates in town. It wasn't very hot, so we didn't go swimming but it was kind of nice to be there during a different season other than summer. This picture is taken right outside our door....this made me wish that it was summer!

We took about an hour one of the days looking for Chelan Falls. Aaron swore up and down that he knew there was a waterfall around there. Well, Chelan Falls is actually a really small town just outside of Chelan. No falling water anywhere. On Saturday, Dusty's Nursery had their fall festival thingy. It's always fun to take the kids. They really liked the corn maze and face painting and Lily thought the balloon man was cool. As he was making her a butterfly she was watching him in amazement and whispered, "Awesome." I wish I had recorded it. That's about it....Blake has started to get up on his knees for a few seconds at a time. Won't be long before he's crawling all over the place. Oh yeah---we bought Transformers yesterday. It's one of my favorite movies. At least in the top 3. LOVE it! Maybe I'll go as Optimus Prime or Bumblebee for Halloween. Here's a few random shots of the kids and Aaron. Don't worry, he was just shaving off his beard in stages. I wouldn't let him out of the house looking like that!


MoJo's Weekly Update said...

Blake would be a perfect Shmee! Look at that round adorable face.

TheDillon6 said...

it looks like ya'll are havin' a great fall! ;) (ps -- tell Aaron there's something growing out of his lip...