Tuesday, March 25, 2014

spring break: day one

We took a trip out to Vantage to see the river. A little while ago, the dudes who work at the dam found a crack and they reduced the amount of water to try and figure out how to fix it. Then some lady went out walking around out on the exposed river bed and sunk up to her torso in the quicksand-like sand.

So naturally that's where I wanted to take my kids.

But they have it all blocked off with stationed guards for "safety reasons". 

This was as close as we got.

Later in the afternoon was designated park time.

Then an amazing dinner of leftovers, followed by more outside time in the backyard.

And the sun exposure must have messed with my brain, 'cause I let them stay up until 11 o'clock watching Star Wars.

Mr. Smith didn't arrive home until 10. They were having a meeting at 7 to discuss and negotiate with the union/school board about getting compensated for hours worked outside of the normal school day.  Crazy idea, I know. 50 teachers showed up. It's kind of a big deal.