Friday, February 28, 2014

take a swig

Future plans alert!

We will be down in St. George this summer for another one of those big ol' Smith Family Reunions. The last time we visited that area was when I was pregnant with Oneil and sicker than a dog in heat. Not "in heat" like they are ready to be pregnant. "In heat" like they have just driven into the depths of hell 'cause it's so hot. Although both terms seem to fit.

Back to normal thinking...

We've been looking for things to do, places to visit while we're down in that area. On one of those internet searches, I came across this place called Swig. They sell fountain drinks ((that you can request as "dirty". i guess is a utah mormon thing. and don't get me started on the difference between a 'utah-mormon' and a 'mormon from utah'. huge difference.)), smoothies, treats, and shaved ice. Upon further investigation, anybody who goes to Swig always, always! gets a sugar cookie. They are the best sugar in the world.

Now we know that to be false. Jane Woodbury makes the best sugar cookies. I did another little internet search and found a copy cat recipe for the Swig cookies and decided that since I am homebound for the time being, controlled by an almost 3 year-old's bladder, now would be a good time to try 'em out.

Cade reeeeeeaaaalllllly wanted to crack the eggs. This is his face after attempting to crack the first one and it basically exploded in his hands and all the shells fell in the bowl. But he tried. And then I got to go fishing for shells.

"Oneil's getting in the way, Mom!"

And, voila! Swig sugar cookies. If you want the recipe and directions go here. Her pictures and directions are better than I would do. Besides, I have six kids, I ain't got time for that! ((is that phrase ever going to get old? i think not.))

The thing with these sugar cookies is they don't roll the dough out. Just roll them in a ball and smash 'em down. That's what gives them their jagged edges. Also, they keep the cookies in the fridge and the frosting at room temperature. Knowing that this place is in St. George, just down the street from Hell, selling cold things to eat and drink probably goes over big.

To me, these sugar cookies taste like a hybrid between sugar cookies and snickerdoodles. A Sugardoodle, if you please. And while Jane Woodbury's sugar cookie recipe will always and forever, throughout all eternity reign as the best sugar cookies, these Swig cookies are pretty darn delicious.

Now we play the waiting game until we're down there and can try the original Swig for ourselves.


kmay and mike said...

I like the sound of 'Sugardoodle'. You'll have to save me one and bring it on down to Cali for me!
thanks in advance. :)