Wednesday, January 8, 2014

hindsight is always 20/20

My oldest son Corgan, just got glasses.

Every so often he would complain about blurry vision out of one eye, but not enough to get me to take him to the eye doctor.

I finally decided to be a good mother and took him in to get checked out.

Right eye 20/20.

Left eye 20/200.

I guess that's bad.

His left eye is so bad that he could barely make out the big, huge, gigantic 'E' at the top of the eye chart.


Four years.

A lot can happen in four years.

High school.

College. ((in theory. we all know it takes longer.))

Four years ago we only had four kids. Now we have six.

Four years ago, my Dad's quality of life had taken a turn for the worse. Although we all thought he would miraculously pull through again, he was granted the sweet release from his ailing mortal body and returned to his Father above.

Looking back, it was "his time to go".

He had raised his family. He had spent time with his grandkids. His wife was going to be taken care of.

Sure…I still wish he were here. Every day.

In the days, months that followed his death, I felt as if my vision had been blurred trying to understand the why of the timing.

But with the help of time ((and prayers and faith)), came the understanding and clearer vision.

I know where he is.

I know I will be with him again.

I know families can be together forever.

{loving little lily when she was about 2 years old}


Jolie said...

Don't feel bad about missing the signs of Corgan's eyesight. It happens ALL the time! Good thing is, it's fixed now.
Joanna has horrible vision in both eyes, and since neither Josh or I have any vision problems, I would never have thought to have her eyes checked when she was 3. But she had a lazy eye that turned in and looked really weird so that was our tipoff that something was wrong. If it wasn't for that, she'd probably still be going through life without glasses!

kate said...

Hi, I stumbled on your blog while moseying through blogger and wanted to reassure you! My eyesite was AWFUL in one eye until I was 10 because we lived on an island in the middle of nowhere - but 17 years later I don't wear glasses, an eye patch and eye exercises made all the difference. Eventually his Right Eye will compensate for his Left if his Left doesn't improve. Either way, he'll be great!