Friday, October 11, 2013

randomness and then a bunch of photos of a preschool field trip

-Monday I didn't get out of my sweats and not-so-baggy-anymore t-shirt. It actually hasn't been baggy for a good coupla months now.

-A friend posted this color test on Facebook this week. I got a 3. Beat that!

-This article was also seen on Facebook. It's a good read about stay-at-home moms. He took the words right out of my mouth.

-This has been a familiar view this week:

-Nothing like having the transmission in your van go out and then relying on your '67 Volvo to get all 7 of you around. 

Now for the pictures of a field trip your kid didn't go on.

The family who runs the place has only been at it a few short years, but they have got down the cute, fun for kids, fall, pumpkin patch activities.

His preschool is the bomb.
He will be smarter because of his teacher.
Who is also the bomb.

I wanted to climb up the bales of hay and slide down, too.
But then I thought, "You'd bend the slide in half, phatty."
So I just took pictures of my kids doing it instead.

What?! A huge galvanized tub filled with dried corn kernels and candy for the kids?!
This place really is awesome.

And if you look in the background, you'll see where you can slingshot pumpkins. Just be careful or this could be you.

I really wanted to slide down the slide.

Best little hay bale maze for the little tykes.

Old, 'scuse me....I mean, Vintage Volvo's are just so cool.

Aaaaand one more picture of the boys holding their cannonball pumpkins.


SSToone said...

That color test is trippy. I got a 12. You probably have a better monitor! ;) Sorry to hear about your car troubles.