Friday, October 4, 2013


Only 8 weeks left of incubating another human being.


That went fast.....for those of you not carrying around this child. Or this extra weight. +42 pounds of pure awesomeness. It's just how it goes.

At my last appointment a couple weeks ago, I asked when we might be able to see this little baby in person. He said he could take me at 39 weeks, which I informed him is on Thanksgiving. He then said I could have the baby the day after Thanksgiving, he was working that weekend and it would give him something to do. I love my doctor.

So for real, only 8 weeks left from today and we'll be having a baby.

In the meantime, as happens every Fall, we turn our lives over to soccer.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday belong to soccer practices and games.

Can't wait for next year when we'll have four kids playing!

Sarcasm aside, it really is fun to go and watch them play. They all love it and that's what matters.

Except when Corgan is the goalkeeper. He hates standing there and watching the game being played without him. He's not competitive or anything.


Anna Schoenwald said...

Only 8 weeks!! Lucky girl! I have 24 left. Can't wait to meet your little girl. I have only known you to have boy babies. So excited for you!