Thursday, April 18, 2013

boston strong

Colbert says it perfectly.


My Junior and Senior year of high school, I had Mr. Cunningham as my math teacher. He didn't magically make math any easier, but he most definitely made it enjoyable. I loved going to his class, not because it was math, I loathed math, but because I knew I was going to laugh. And I did miraculously pass the required math classes.

Cunningham was always active. At that time he was a serious cyclist. So serious that he shaved his legs. You know a cyclist is serious when they shave their legs. I think it has something to do with if they crash and burn, the healing goes smoother. Or they just like silky, smooth legs.

He used the overhead projector.

He had a silly dance called the "Rit-ta-ta" where we'd stand on top of our desks and do bizarre body movements while singing a nonsensical song. I think part of it was to the tune of Singing in the Rain.

He told hilarious stories.

Like the time he managed to procure the street sign that bore his last name, Cunningham.

Or the story of his wedding. He is a huge, HUGE, UW Huskies fan. The day of his wedding was the same day of a big game. As he walked down the aisle, to his back he had taped the score of the game for the others to see.

I babysat his two little girls once.

He was involved with the Young Life program. A few years after I graduated high school, he left teaching to take on a more permanent position with Young Life up in Sitka, Alaska.

This is his story of his experience at the Boston Marathon.

I cried when I read it.

Having finished two marathons myself, I know how much finishing means and having the medal to show for it.

Cunningham proves that running is much more than just collecting the finishers medal.


The Royals said...

What a great act that your teacher did for that woman.

SarahJane said...

Aww. Mr. Cunningham. So glad he's safe. So glad he's still awesome.