Thursday, December 6, 2012

try not to be blown away by my artistic skills

We wanted to do an advent thing with the kids so they would know how dreadfully long they have to wait until Christmas.

I thought of doing the boring old rings.

Aaron thought of making them into Santa's beard, each kid would have a strand of their own to rip off each day so they wouldn't fight over who gets to tear the ring off. Problem solved before it even happened.

The other night I brought Aaron's vision to life.

It's amazing, I know. The attention to detail is superb and the use of multiple colors just adds layers of dimension to Jolly Old Saint Nick.

And I really feel he captures the essence and portrayal of what Santa looks like after tipping back on a few too many shot glasses of eggnog.

It's okay, you can go ahead and pin this on your Christmas Pinterest board.


Anna said...


kmay and mike said...

Santa's been drinking my kind of eggnog! :)

SSToone said...

Mad skillz.

maggie said...

I will for sure!