Monday, October 1, 2012

dang-it! i blinked again.

This was almost a year ago.
7 months old and he was already breaking hearts.

He was the best baby.

The sad part of that last sentence is the word 'was'.

Oneil was a baby.

Now look at him.

He's practically a man.

He is the best boy.


kmay and mike said... I am almost tempted to say that Oneil is cuter than Lincoln. Almost.

Maytribe said...

He is the best boy because he has the best big brothers to show him the ropes!!

Hoovy4 said...

He is adorable! And almost a man. Just you wait. It will happen before you know it!

maggie said...

Really missing the little man

Melissa said...

That is one adorable baby...I mean boy that you have there!