Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cold mornings and cold nights have us trying to squeeze every last drop out of the warmish weather we  have in the afternoon.

This kids hair is getting out of control.

Maybe we'll cut it by Christmas. Probably not.

His hair may end up being as long as his sisters. I swear I do her hair every morning before school, but she comes home with every rubber band and hair thing ripped out.

She likes it wild and free.

Blake ripped his shirt, that's why he's not wearing one.

They were playing monkey in the middle.

It's a great game to play if your kids have a huge amount of energy you would like burned off before bedtime beckons.

You know it's time to go inside when it starts to get too rough.

And someone ends up hurt. He was sure his sister had broken his foot.

And then there's this kid.


maggie said...

Was Cade a "resting" participant, an observer or a target?

Anna said...

He's Special.