Wednesday, August 1, 2012

on my own

Aaron left a wee bit after the crack of dawn Monday morning to fulfill his calling and take some Scouts camping all week.

He took the van with him.

I actually had to plan out a menu and go grocery shopping ahead of time. And you know what? I cannot even begin to tell you how cool it is to know what's for breakfast, lunch and dinner. All week. It may become a normal thing around here. Meal planning is awesome!!

I can't believe I just typed that.

Quickly moving on.....

With Aaron gone, I'm left to watch the Olympics all by myself. They are way more fun to watch with someone else to make comments to, such as....

-Do the gymnasts really have to pull their hair back so tight? It looks painful. And so does this:

-Note to all Olympians: Do not post anything on your twitter account except how much you love your mom. Anything else will only get you suspended from the games.

-I'm glad I don't have cameras on me when I watch my children perform.

-When do the Track and Field events start?

-Looks like this guy...

...has a cousin:

-Any athlete who wins a gold medal should sing the National Anthem during their medal ceremony.

-And they should cry.

-Michael Phelps is flippin' amazing. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

-When do the Track and Field events start?

-Bob Costas has aged really well.


-When do the Track and Field events start?

-Growing up, I can remember the announcers explaining that the balance beam is about as wide as a VHS tape. What do they use as an example now? It's as wide as an iphone is long? Maybe?

I wish Aaron were here with me.

But thanks for filling in.



Jolie said...

Hey, we can wallow in our solitude sorrow together 'cause today Josh took the 3 older kids to my mom's house in Oly while he plays weekend warrior at Ft. Lewis for the next 4 days. This house is eerily quiet right now!

kmay and mike said...

When DO the track and field events start?? I mean I like all the swimming and gymnastics but lets move on! I need some serious running motivation and the Olympics are just the thing.
sorry Aarons not there.