Friday, June 22, 2012

what can i say? it's summer and the blog posts might be few and far between.

But we're not just sittin' around doin' nothin'. Although that does happen, because, you know, it's summer.

This past week we had fun at a little water park.

Aaron tried his hand at the fake surfing thing. I could show the photo of him up on his feet, owning it. But this one is much better.

This kid is taking after his sister with his fascination with eating dirt.

Aaron's dad came over for a quick visit before Father's Day.

Lego's and little boys belong together.

Oneil is also taking after his mom with a love of all things chocolate.

Blake graduated preschool and is now patiently awaiting kindergarten.

We made a trip over to the westside and visited some friends.....extended cousins.

Little Lily has been running a fever for a couple days.

Summer finally decided to show its hot, sunny face and so the little pool was brought out.

We've had this dump truck since Corgan was 2 years old. Just sayin'. No real reason other than I love knowing it's been a well-loved toy and wonder how many miles it's travelled being pushed by little boys.

Sibling love.

This was taken on Wednesday:

And this was taken yesterday:

Notice the difference??

It's blowing my mind 'cause I think I was in 2nd grade before I learned how to ride a bike without training wheels. And they did it all without any help from performing enhancing drugs.

I love naked babies. Even when they cry.

Aaron took off yesterday with the two oldest boys on the yearly Father and Son's campout.
They will return home tired, bitten by bugs, sunburned and stinky, sometime on Saturday.

I think I'm going to take the kids I have with me to a movie. But since Aaron has the van, we'll be a-walking to the movie theater. Good thing we live in a small town.

One last thing, I made these last night. I love anything that has 'browned butter' included in the recipe. I am not ashamed to tell you that I ate and thoroughly enjoyed 6 of them. 6 of them. 6. Of them.

Until next time.


Hoovy4 said...

Those are some great pictures! Nothing like a little pressure from siblings to help those training wheels come off. Abby still has hers. I think it helps that you have that super great runway to practice on! And I'm going to try that monkey bread. Yummers!

ericksonzone said...

Very fun to see all the pictures. Glad you're enjoying your summer.

kmay and mike said...

Great pictures! oh and thanks for being "modest" and blurring out the last photo :) Hope Lily is feeling better!