Thursday, June 28, 2012

foster the people are so cool

Tuesday began with sending Corgan off to his first day of Cub Scout Day Camp. We decided he was old enough to take care of himself while we were gone, so we left him a house key and wished him luck.

But really, he stayed with some friends.

We met up with our pals at the hotel which was awesomely situated across the street from Dick's. We knew exactly where we would be eating after the concert.

We hit up Pike's Place where we saw some flowers.

Ate some tasty baked goods.

Saw this guy.

Visited the Gum Wall. It has fast become a popular place for a photo-op. This sign is on the opposite wall in the alley...just trying to contain the saliva stickiness.

And what else to do after staring at already-been-chewed gum stuck to a wall, but go and get some hot 'n ready doughnuts of course! $4.02 for a dozen assorted, cash only, fyi.

I was really hoping the newest thing to hit the waterfront would be up and running, but it twain't.

We then made our way to stand in line with all the tweeny bopper hippsters. I have never seen as much fringe, cut-off shorts, indian inspired frocks, white Ray Ban knockoffs, tank tops with sheer shirts over them in all my life. Made my jeans and t-shirt seem so plain in comparison.

A short two hours later, the show began with Kimbra.

Then Mayer Hawthorne hopped up on stage with his retro band. Not bad, not bad.

This blurry photo is of the best dressed roady that I have ever seen. High five to him for looking classy.

And then the main event and the main reason we were there took the stage at 10 o'clock.

They've changed up the stage and show so it was like seeing them for the first time all over again.

Twelve more photos for your viewing pleasure:

And then as quickly as it began, it was over.

Until next time.

We grabbed some burgers and shakes.

Stayed up way past our old, married people bedtime.

By 3 a.m., we were passed out sleeping while visions of Foster the People danced in our heads.

We slept in late and had "breakfast" at noon.

It was awesome.


maggie said...

Hey was that photo of the guy with the shaved head Derek ? Need to see him a bit more often! :)

Kristi Martone said...

Sweet Picts!!!! Especially love the Seattle flavor ones ;)