Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A couple Saturday's ago I went and spectated a race. It was the marathon that I had run two times before and were it not for my knee problem, I would have been running in this one. 

The weather was a mix of rain and snow. I was still jealous of every runner I saw.

Then my camera battery died, but I was able to get a picture of the runners at the starting line with my phone before that battery died, too. I'm not a Boy Scout.

Aaron thought it was weird that I went to cheer on a bunch of people I don't even know. I told him to remember that when he watched his football games. 

Rachel-782  Aaron-4

I love being married.


kmay and mike said...

hahaha Mike even laughed at your football joke!

Hoovy4 said...

ooh, touche! Next time, try volunteering. It is great fun, and even better than just spectating. I mean, what's more fun than sweeping up used paper cups?

Jolie said...

hahaha. well played!