Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Not only does that stand for Family Home Evening, but also Fantastic Haircutting Experience.

If I can upload the video, you can have a recorded witness of all the fantastic-ness of cutting hair at home with the "willing" subject. It's not hard to tell which boy that is in the following photo montage.

And this is what Corgan's hair looks like when we brush it. Hence, the reason why we never brush it. He has more feathers than Farrah Fawcett ever dreamed of having.


maggie said...


You didn't, did you?

Hoovy4 said...

I almost woke the kids up laughing at Corgan's hair. With him, not at him. It truly is fantastic.

Also, one of my verification words is Scriptures. Maybe I should get off the 'puter and read them....

kmay and mike said...

hahahaha thats some SAWEET hair :)