Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a list

-i'm in Utah.

-flew in Monday morning.

-i'm here to spend some time helping out my sister and her new baby.

-i hate flying.

-lincoln is such a cute baby.

-aaron has all the kids with  him.

-i love that man.

-i really hate flying.

-i woke up Tuesday morning violently ill.

-both ends.

-i told you it was violent.

-i'll tell you again, i hate flying.

-i'd rather drive.

-when i wasn't Tebowing in front of the toilet, i was wishing a swift death to come upon me.

-i was getting so dehydrated my kidneys started to ache.

-i told krissy it was nice of her to let me come to her house and have her take care of me.

-she's nice like that.

-i'm getting my haircut today by a dude who won a NAHA award this past year in Vegas. it's like the Academy Awards for hair. kinda a big deal.

-no pictures 'cause i forgot the camera cord. 

-be prepared for an on-slot of photos after i get back home.

-the baby is cuter than cute.

-i hate flying.


sandra said...

OH sorry you got sick. ME TOO. And just as violent as you. IT SUCKED. Its going through the house...has hit five of us so far. YUK.

You hate flying? I love it. I hate driving.

WAIT. You went to help your sister with her baby? You sure you didn't go to GET help. :)

Jolie said...

ahh sorry to hear you got SO sick! Yikes.