Tuesday, December 13, 2011

blotter patrol

We live in what some people call a "small town".

The nearest Target or Walmart is just over 30 mins away.

The nearest airport is 2 hours, either direction.

About the same for the closest temple.

Sometimes it's easy to forget how we live a nice, comfy bubble, seemingly untouched by the demons of bigger metropolis towns.

And then we read the police blotter in the newspaper, and we're reminded that we still do live in a one-horse town.

The following are actual incidences people dialed 9-1-1 to report.

Laugh-on, friends. 

-A man reported that he was having trouble getting the title to a vehicle he recently purchased and the last owner sent him a text message advising that she was going to report the vehicle stolen.

-A neighbor reportedly was trying to push the door of a house on River Avenue.

-A cow reportedly was loose on No. 6 Road.

-A dog reportedly tried to kill a chicken on Manastash Road.

-A man on Chestnut Street wearing a leather jacket and gloves reportedly was acting strangely, being belligerent and boasting that he had done time.

-Four dogs reportedly were covered in porcupine quills on Burbank Creek Road.

-A woman on Colockum Road reported receiving a suspicious call from a woman who said she would send a national health card and needed the some information.

-A person reportedly attempted to flag down a driver on Bullfrog Road near Roslyn.

-A person on Cowboy Lane reportedly needed a pilot light relit.

-A red US Cellular flip phone reportedly was lost on North Ruby Street.

-Loud voices were reported on First Street.

-A German shepherd reportedly was barking for five hours on South Poplar Stree

-A man with long hair and a beard reportedly was yelling at people inside a business on University Way and talking about the end of the world and telling them they all were going to die.

....and the most frightening of all....

-A puppy reportedly was seen running up a path at Central Washington University.


maggie said...

I'm jealous. So much more happens right in our own neighborhood. You can attest to that!

Tina and Dan said...

Wow! You'll have to let us know if they ever catch that pocupine! That's pretty scary stuff there! :O)

Dallin, Ashley and Claire said...

Yes!! I love Ellensburg. It's so great.

Pamela said...

Ahh man your making me miss Eburg. That's some pretty tense stuff :)

Hoovy4 said...

Watch out for that puppy.
It might charm the pants off a person!

Jolie said...

half the reason I subscribe to the daily record is to read the blotter!! I love it. It floors me that people dial 911 because there's a puppy loose on campus, or because there's a funny marijuana smell coming from their neighbor's house. WOW. Funny stuff!!