Wednesday, November 9, 2011


My friend had a baby a few days ago.

I went to visit her in the hospital.

I got to hold the teeny, tiny babe.

My uterus was not hungry for one of its own.

Guess that means we're officially done.


Hoovy4 said...


Tina and Dan said...

Probably good for you and your body! A little sad for the world because you make beautiful babies!

Sinda said...

Mine still yearns for more. I can't even read about new babies without my womb crying. Lol.

Jolie said...

eh, just give it a few more months. You'll come down with the baby fever again. ;-)

p.s. I second Tina and Dan's comment. Your babies are the cutest!!

kmay and mike said...

You'll get your baby fill in December! Just you wait :)

Anna Schoenwald said...

funny.... my uterus isn't hungry right now either! ;)

thanks for the pics they are super cute! you sure have a talent!