Friday, October 28, 2011

tony horton is the knee whisperer

Not sure if I've shared this with you, but I had to cut back on my running the past two months. About the middle of August, the inside of my left knee started acting up and making it so that running was the last thing it wanted me to do. I'm one to listen to what my body tells me, so I didn't run for two whole weeks, thinking that would be enough to fix the problem. It wasn't. I still had the pain during and after my runs. I knew I needed to do something else to supplement my lack of running, so I got myself a personal trainer.

Enter Tony Horton.

We bought the dvd's a bunch of years ago and would sporadically use them every couple months, never consecutively enough to see any results. I figured it was high time to put Tony to the test. And you know what? {i'm going to sound like an infomercial for just a second here, but bare with me.} P90X totally works. My upper arms have begun to have definition. I have triceps, people! I'm one size away from being back to pre-baby Oneil. And you may not be able to bounce a quarter off of it yet, butt{pun!}, all of those lunges and squats have started to turn my "buh-thigh" area into two separate body parts.

There is a science behind Tony Hortons' madness, and the best part of the whole muscle confusion workouts is that the weight training has helped fix my knee situation. Last Saturday, I was able to run six miles again...without pain. The combination of cutting back on running and the strengthening workouts with my personal trainer, Tony, was just what my knee needed.

"Do your best and forget the rest."
-awesome tag-line used by Mr. Horton.


Jolie said...

We borrowed the P90X dvd's from my bro/sis in law and we, too, have done them sporadically, but nothing to see results. I think if I had ANY will power at all when it came to the diet part, I'd probably see more muscle definition. oh well.
I'm happy for you to have your knee back in the game!
One of my all-time fav quotes from Tony is: "I hate it but I love it"