Monday, October 17, 2011

favorite band forever in the history of ever.

That pretty much sums up my feelings for Foster the People.

Buckle up. This is my account from my trip down to see one of the coolest bands around.

I had never wished for a sleeping passenger more than when I saw this:

You know, 'cause I could have done the prank where you get reeeeeeally close and then scream reeeeeeeally loud. Oh, man, that could have been hilarious.

The view coming down the hill into Oregon. Oregon has lame speed limits, I've mentioned that before. They love pulling over the speedsters and slapping them with tickets. In the less than 24 hours I was in that state, I saw 5 people pulled over by their state troopers. They don't mess around.

I dropped the kids off at their cousins house to play and be cared for and then continued on my way solo.
And because I have a friend {technically my sisters' friend, but i claim her as one as well} who works for this company:
I was granted access to their employee store, with their employee discount. It's all about who you know, people. 

Another friend of mine, she's 74 years old and I love her like my own Grandma, told me rather firmly that if I was going to Beaverton, I must, MUST go to the Beaverton Bakery. They make everything from scratch and they've been around forever. She didn't have to tell me twice. Baked goods. Made from scratch. Right up my alley.

I got this apple caramel tart thingy. It's the best apple thingy I've ever tasted. That's my bite mark that happened before I even got half a mile down the road. And I ate half before I forced myself to stop remembering my husband would probably also enjoy this baked goodness.

I also bought this lovely piece of what they call Chocolate Decadence. I ate about half of this driving down the freeway. I didn't use a fork and I didn't care. Utensils be damned; I had died and gone to chocolate heaven.  

And then it was time for the main event. It was just after 5:30 when I arrived and there was already a healthy line of about 50 people. There I stood and waited for my sister, Lael to show up. At 7, the doors opened. She asked if I wanted to sit upstairs. After I picked myself up off the floor from laughing, I told her I didn't drive four hours to sit upstairs. We were able to squeeze our way right up front to be in the second row of crowded human bodies. 

I learned my lesson the last time, and left my camera safe in the van, so all my concert photos are with the cell phone. But who cares! Look how awesome it was!!!!!

This band puts on such a good live show. And that sentence is the understatement of the year. The energy and awesomeness of effort they put into each song is amazing.  

Mark Fosters' Pumped up Kicks.

So good. So good. So good. So good. 
Let me say that again.
So good. So good. So good. So good.

 There were of course, idiots under the influence who tried to start their own personal mosh pit. I'll leave the sorted details out, but Lael will forever take me to any concert with her. I don't care if you're over the age of forty and well past tipsy, you mess with my family {or friends i love like family} and I'll mess with you. Oh, the fun memories will last forever.

And to end the night, we stopped off at VooDoo Doughnuts where I finally had the infamous maple bar with bacon strips on top. It's so simple, it's pure genius.

And now that Aaron has gained his own testimony of just how great Foster the People are, the next time they come around he said he'll be my date. I am already Pumped Up for that.


kmay and mike said...

I heard the details of the concert and I'd want you with me at every concert :)
AND foster the people are nothing short of AMAZING!!!