Tuesday, September 6, 2011

much better

Can you tell what we did Saturday morning?

You'll have to tip your head to the right for the first one....I don't know how to rotate photos from my phone.

Last year's attempt at picking blackberries was futile.  This year we procured enough to make some jam.  I tell you what....there's nothing like opening up and eating some homemade blackberry jam in the dead of winter.  

Quote of the day:
"Why does something so good have to grow on something so evil?"

Growing up, during blackberry season, we were forced! to get up before noon! to go and pick blackberries! before we could do anything else!  But while Aaron and I were out picking thorns, I mean berries, Saturday morning, I came to realize that there was some sanity behind my Dad's madness.  Besides getting our lazy butts out of bed, morning time is the best time to pick blackberries.  It's still cool enough that the creepy, crawly critters aren't aroused and moving around, the spiders are still hiding from the morning dew and the sun isn't beating down on your back.

And of course, he was doing what all parents do and violated child labor laws and used his children as slaves.

The longer he's gone, the smarter he's getting.


kmay and mike said...

lol he was a wise one. I actually picked raspberries yesterday. Not enough to make jam (i'm not that domestic yet) but enough to eat for the week. Speaking of jam I'm about out of your strawberry jam and blackberry jam sounds pretty good......just sayin'

Reshmakprasad said...

i loved to read it..And photos are really good...