Wednesday, September 14, 2011

mamma said....

...there'd be days like this.

There'd be days like this, 

mamma said.

{i'm pretty sure camera phones were invented for capturing just such instances}


Kari said...

My car looked very similar this morning.

Maytribe said...

I think he was just trying to get your attention...and bring back memories of your own childhood!

Jolie said...

Someone call an exorcist!!! hahaha Wow, he's sure mad about something!
Funny, my children NEVER behave like that.
Now you know I'm a big fat liar because you witnessed Jayden's tantrum @ preschool the other day.

keep those pics and then some day when he has kids of his own, you can mail them to him with the message, "Karma's a b&*tch, son!" ;-)