Wednesday, September 28, 2011



I'll update my blog.

But just so you know, I've been busy.

Doing this:

Not nearly making it look that good, but you get the point.

Soccer takes up three days a week. Saturdays have never felt so long.  Have I told you I'm Lily's coach?  After this season I can cross that off my bucket list and never have to do that again.  I love being able to be there for her and help her learn new things but I'd rather just sit there and watch someone else do it and me shout things from the sidelines acting as if I'm her coach.

Corgan informed me that he's going to go the World Cup.  I told him he has the hair for it. He looked at me, confused.

And we may live in a small town but we have plenty of famous people here.  Like Prospector Pete over Corgan's right shoulder in the above photo.  And that boy in the orange jersey is this guys' son:

And we also have Jeff Bridges.

Soccer season is awesome.


Kristi Martone said...

awesome! Jeff Bridges and Victoria in Eburg? That would make the papers for SURE! Now if only we could get Becks to come coach the kidlets......hmmmmmm???? :)

Jolie said...

You're so funny. You are one hot momma you know. And just so you know, you've got one up on Posh 'cause you actually SMILE.

maggie said...

Just want to know if we have to purchase tickets to sit on the sidelines this Saturday?