Friday, August 5, 2011


Get ready for the biggest photo dump of your life.  I thought about breaking it up and spreading it out over a few posts, but nah, we're going to get it all done right now.

So grab some popcorn and get ready for some phun phamily photos.

First fuel stop, somewhere in Montana.  They thought we were almost there.  Hahaha!  No. We weren't. We weren't even half-way yet.  Poor kids and their smiley faces.

Montana really is Big Sky Country.  The sky seriously seemed taller there.

Are you still smiling?  'Cause we're not even half-way through these photos yet.

This is in Yellowstone.  Can't tell you exactly where.  We are by a ranger station, kinda sorta by Old Faithful, but not really.  Pretty though, huh?

Oh, hey, it's my kids.

Yellowstone is pretty amazing.  All of these places to stop and look at filled with geysers and pools and springs.

This one reeked like eggs.

Funniest random picture from the trip.  I laugh every time I see it.  Are you laughing, too?

He was basking in the sulfur smell.  The steam would hit your face and you would feel as if you were taking a steam bath with eggs.  Yummy.

Here he is waiting for Old Faithful to explode, enjoying an ice cream cone.

You got little there on your chin.

Yep, right there.  Don't worry, you rock that look,

And here's little, Lily.  She had already enjoyed her ice cream but saw her cousin's and wanted hers.  Look how cute her puppy dog eyes can get.

Baby Oneil was snug in his Peanut Shell as we walked for thousands of miles.

Look!  Beautiful scenery!

Boy, does this boy get heavy.

The different colors don't ever get old.

Dude!  A motel!

All of the May Tribe grandkids and their Grandma.  19 o' them.  17 years old all the way down to 4 months.  And number 20 will be here in November.

Look!  More beautiful scenery!

Day two in the Park.  Touristy shot of the family in front of the sign at 'Ellowstone.

Better shot of all of our happy kids.

Did you know I was born in Wyoming?  True story.

Finally!  Some wild beasts to stop and take pictures of in their natural habitat.

I got out of the van to get a closer look.  A ranger pulled up and told us to be careful and keep our distance.

It was at this point the ranger used his strong, authoritative, loud voice to command us all back in our vehicles.

And it was here he said, "Sir, I hope you don't mind if I use your vehicle as a barricade, this one's a little hormonal.  Yesterday he charged two folks and rammed a car."

The bison seemed quite pleased with himself.

Found this one a little further down the road. This beast was as gentle and docile as a sleeping babe.

Oh, look!  Beautiful scenery!

These, kids, are the Mammoth Falls.

And look!  More beautiful scenery.

And another cute kid.

That's it.  Our trip to the big, beautiful Yellowstone.  Wasn't it fun to sit through our phun phamily photo's?


Melissa said...

We have a lot of the same pictures from earlier in the month just with different cute kids subbed in! Looks like you guys had fun.

king said...

You are looking mighty fine for having such a young baby! It looks like so much fun! I may have to plan another trip to Yellowstone.

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

Look at your little tribe! I love these photos! Looks like an amazing trip!