Friday, August 26, 2011


There's a reason why I've had a lack of postings the past two weeks.

Three of them have had something called pneumonia.

Started with this one.

Next was this guy.

And the one I reeeeeeally didn't want to get it, the baby.  It is so sad to have a sick a baby.

But as you can tell from the pictures, the antibiotics have done their job and only a lingering cough or two is all that remains.


Jolie said...

Pneumonia?!?! OH MY GOSH! That's awful. I'm glad to hear that everyone's on the mends. Especially O'Neil!

Smith Family said...

Sam just came down with it too last week. The Dr. was wondering if he was around anyone else with pneumonia because Jake's was a month ago. I guess we know now!!! Sounds like we both had a fun month!

Zizu said...

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kmay and mike said...

I sounded like a broken record but your kids are darn cute! Especially the last one. Glad they are all feeling better!