Wednesday, May 25, 2011

this is my confession

I love aviators.

I have put off purchasing them in the past because my husband holds a complete, burning in the bosom, undeniable hatred for them.  He wants to slap them off the face of anyone he sees sporting those sweet frames.

But this year I have decided to take it upon myself to help him combat and overcome those unnecessary negative feelings and a few weeks ago I bought myself a pair.   Aaron tried to show me how ridiculous he thought they were by taking a picture: 

See how freakin' sweet they are??!

I swear I could actually fly planes when I wear them.

And to further my cause of changing a stubborn mans opinion of frivolous things, I Googled 'em, and look what I found:

If it's on a trucker hat, you know there's no denying that truth.

And as of today, there has been no attempt to slap them off my face.  I think I'm making headway with him.  Or he can remember what my Dad said to him when he asked for my hand in marriage.  Something along the lines of, "if you ever lay a hand on my daughter, I have a gun and a shovel and nobody will ever find you."  Even from the grave, my Dad's words ring in his mind.

Maybe, just maybe, he'll own his own pair by the end of summer.

Then we could be co-pilots.


Maytribe said...

Remember...I have a sweet pair of aviator sunglasses at my house...just waiting for someone to claim them...

kmay and mike said...

Are you co-pilots yet? :)

Brittany said...

Check this out: