Friday, March 4, 2011

three days left

I could have been having the baby today.

That thought has been passing through my mind every other second. But I suppose we can wait a few extra days for his grand entrance into this world. Happy and healthy, please.

We leave today as soon as Mr. Smith returns home from work, to head over to the place of birthing. And I think I finally have experienced what is considered "nesting". Never felt it with the other four pregnancies. But this week I have recovered two lamp shades, seven pillows, done five loads of laundry and folded and put them away(!), and just this morning mopped the kitchen, bleached the bathroom, organized the boys' room, went grocery shopping and for some reason decided that my duvet cover and curtains needed to be bleached before anything else in the world happened.

And still I have not gone into labor.

That might happen when I get around to the vacuuming.

((pictures are totally unrelated to the post, just some eye candy for the grandparents to enjoy))


Jolie said...

yup, that's nesting alright!! Holy moly.

I get that way, too. Especially once I'm actually IN labor. Most normal people would use the excuse that they're in labor to take a break from cleaning & organizing. Nope, no I. That's when I kick it into high gear. ;-)

Hey, we'll be thinking about you and hope that your delivery goes well.

BEKAHBUG said...

I am counting down the days for you! Love you guys! Good Luck!!!

Momoko Photography said...


That's what I do throughout my whole pregnancy with both. I go crazy on cleaning!