Monday, February 28, 2011

weekend update

Good news is that the kids and I made it over and back in one piece.

Terrible, horrible, absolutely awful news is that I'm not being induced until the 7th.


But I am dilated to a two!! Halfway to an epidural!! Holla!

Here's what the Pass looked liked with all the big rigs required to slap on some chains:

The fun thing about driving over the Pass in wintry conditions is that you get to pick your own lane! You can't see the lane lines through the snow, so you just push the gas and forge upward, over the mountain. Kind of like a modern day Lewis and Clark. Kind of, sort of.

This was my view out the windshield on the way home. I would hop from semi to semi, getting close enough to let the splatter from their tires get the window wet and "clean" it off. I did stop at the top of the Pass to replenish the wiper fluid, don't worry, Mom.

And as of right this second, the Pass is closed because of the heavy snowfall. I think I am putting myself on bed rest to make sure that this baby doesn't decide to surprise us. If you need me, I'll be lying down all week.

Saturday, Aaron worked for a couple hours on his Pro. Cert. class that is required by the State for teachers to be considered "real teachers". Never mind that they already graduated from college with a teaching degree. "Come pay us money and let us be the judge of that." It's really fun!

Stepping down off my small soapbox...

While he typed away, I took the kids to a park and let them run themselves ragged in the cold.

And then of course forced them to sit and let me take one last picture of them as siblings before the fifth kid arrives. It was obviously the worst thing I, as a mother did that day as evidenced on the younger two faces.


Puhlman said...

Glad you made it safe. YEAH I see those sad faces all the time in our home....I am a mean mom when it comes to taking pictures. :)

OH and don't be a bit sad about the 7th of March. That was my daddy's birthday. So if you are looking for an amazing middle should be William. :)

OH and P.S. some new news that will be coming forth soon on my blog. WE ARE MOVING...back to Moses. SCARY. And it is coming sooner that we thought.

Jolie said...

you're so funny. I'm sure Lewis & Clark would've killed for a vanagan to make it across the prairie. Better yet, a Nissan FRONTIER. hahahaha

hey, if you get snowed in and have to deliver baby in town, my advice/vote is Dr. Herman! He's the best!! ;-)