Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I got my toes did yesterday, so I'm ready to have this baby now.

Do you love my fat pregnant feet as much as I do(n't)? I have a pair of matching mitt hands, too. And that is my blurry, preg-o belly. Almost as cute as the fat feet.

My next appointment is on Thursday. I'm sure my doc is going to "check me". Ladies, you all know what that means. Maybe he'll say I'm ready to go and won't have to wait another week. Maybe.

It's snowing outside right now. Let me be more specific, it's snowing so hard and fast outside, that it looks like someone is sifting out powdered sugar, sideways. And I just checked the weather and it's supposed to snow through Thursday over the Pass. Can't wait to drive over that. I'll make sure Aaron checks out the van before I leave.

Check ya later, ya'll.


Dallin, Ashley and Claire said...

Wait, is your doctor not in Ellensburg? And are you talking about snoqualmie pass or manastash? I hope you don't have to get too far for your dr's appointment! Good luck!