Thursday, October 14, 2010

happy birthday, boy

I hope you don't mind my pictures-of-pictures I took to give you a peek at the life of Aaron. Now you all will know that our kids get their good looks from their daddy. I'm just the oven that cooks them.'s widdle Aaron at just 6 weeks old. Being held by his brother, Mike and sister, Christy.

What a cute little Superman! We have a picture of Corgan about the same age, wearing some Superman jammies. I'll have to dig it up and compare the two stud muffins.

Look at his locks of platinum blond love!

Not so happy after Jose gave him his first haircut. Do ya' think he and Blake look alike? Just a little?

Here's what Blake will look like in about 2 years.

I think he's got to be in about 5th grade in this shot. If I was in his class, I would have been practicing signing my name, "rachel smith" all over my homework.

His parents made them camp in the back of a Vanagon, gosh darn it! So that's what he makes his kids do!

Happy birthday husband of mine. You've always been awesome at building sand castles.


Sampson Family said...

I just got a chance to look at this - so fun! Who is Jose that gave him the haircut?

Hope you are doing well!