Monday, August 2, 2010

first things first

I'm back.

We actually returned from our two week, trying to see as much family, see as many places, eat ourselves sick vacation last Tuesday. But now I think I'm back.

For now.

And I'll make you sit through our family vacation slide show on Wednesday, but there are a few items of business that need to be taken care of first. Like how I'm pregnant.


Do you hear those crickets? That silence that fills a room when a joke falls flat? That's because it's not a joke. I'm pregnant. And what I mean when I say "I'm pregnant", I mean really pregnant. And what I mean by "really pregnant" is that I can't hide it anymore from the world. And what I when I say "I can't hide it from the world", I mean that I'm barely 8 weeks along and I'm wearing maternity clothes.

Oh, the joy that comes when your body declares pregnancy.

The many questions you must have running through your pretty, little heads! I'll answer them the best I can.

No. Not planned.

Yes, it was a surprise.

Yes, we are thrilled.

And it had better be a girl.

Our little surprise couldn't have been more untimely. Lets just say I had my doctor call in a prescription as we passed through St. George, to help make it bearable. I thank the genius who concocted the sweet relief that comes with Promethazine. I love you.

That was less than a week into our super fun trip.

That's it for now. I need to go eat something. Not having food in my stomach=not so much fun for me.

I should just say goodbye to my feet now, I won't be able to see them next week.


~j. said...

Yippee and hooray!!

Puhlman said...

oh how exciting. For sure it will be a girl. I mean that would be great. Three boys and 2 girls is pretty amazing. I think you are kidding me about wearing maternity clothes already. At 8 weeks? WHAT?

Melissa said...

Congratulations! That's exciting. Number 5! Wow, I'm trying to wrap my head around dealing with three. I hope you feel better soon.

Pamela said...

Congrats!!!! wow you guys are amazing, and I hope that it is a girl too :) Oh and we saw your van up at Weber State University for the Arise, thing. We parked about 100 yards in front of you guys. We were going to leave a note and say hi but we didn't have any paper. Anyways hope you had a fun vacation!!!

ericksons said...

Holy cow! Just watch that will be us with number six. How exciting! Yes, girl all the way. You're catching us up after all.

The Royals said...


Josh and Jolie said...

The whole wearing maternity clothes at 8 wks. is pretty shocking, considering you look like a rock star. A P90X spokesperson. You get what I mean. You look great!!

Congrats you two love birds. I'll be crossing my fingers that it's a girl!
I hope your trip was really, really fun--even though the 1st trimester nausea showed its ugly face. ;-)