Friday, May 7, 2010

what he said

-Mom? What's a daycare?

-It's kind of like going to the babysitters all day or for part of the day. Some kids have both parents who work so they need somewhere to go until their mom or dad get off work.

-Why don't we go to a daycare?

-Because I stay home with you guys so you don't have to go to a daycare.

-Why don't you have a job?

-I do. My job is staying home and taking care of you and Lily, and Blake, and Cade.

-I wish I could go to daycare.

-What? Why? Who do you know that goes to daycare?


-So you want to go to daycare because Ella would be there?


-Well then why do you want to go to daycare?

-Because she said they have Pixo's there and Pixo's would be really fun to play with, and we don't have any Pixo's at our house.

Makes sense to me.


The Dillon 6 said...

hahahah! During the 4 years I was fortunate enough to stay home with my kids, they repeatedly asked if they were going to go to DayCare. Now that I'm working (PT, mind you) and sometimes get home a short while after they do, they ask when I'm going to stay home.

Erma was right ~ the grass is always greener...

Puhlman said... Rachel was almost in tears begging me to go to after school daycare. She couldn't understand why some of her friends got to go and how unfair it was that she didn't. :)

One day they will understand. Or maybe they will still be begging me to go anywhere where mom isn't.