Wednesday, April 14, 2010


My little sister, Krissy ((she loves it when i refer to her as that)), is going to be studying abroad in Germany for six weeks this summer.

I'm sure there are plenty of men to be studying too, but broads are much more fun.

This is where she'll be:

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And when I asked her what she'll be getting educated on she said, "International Politics and Global Social change, or something like that."

Direct quote.

Krissy also told me that she's going to be giving up sugar until she gets back from her little adventure this summer. Something about her teeth falling out and her dental insurance not kicking in until August. I told her that if she would actually brush her teeth, she wouldn't have this problem.

So I did what any good sister would do.

I sent her a dozen cupcakes for her to eat. I was supposed to send them a month ago for her birthday; but I think now is a more appropriate time to help her get back together with sugar.

Besides, sugar helps you lose weight, see:


kmay and mike said...

funny rachel. very funny. :)

The Royals said...

I love that ad!!!!

AmyLee said...

That is awesome. We (society) used to be so much smarter.