Thursday, April 8, 2010

don't stop believin'

It's been three months since my Dad continued on to the next phase of the Plan of Happiness.

It really is a plan of happiness. I'm happy knowing where I came from. I'm happy knowing why I'm here. And I'm happy knowing where I'll be after I die.

So for today, I've compiled a small list of things that remind me of my Dad.

-1980 something Dodge pickups
-mall managers. Did you know that my Dad was a mall manager? White Mountain Mall in Rock Springs, Wyoming.
-going to the dump
-soccer. I'm pretty sure he coached the older 5 siblings at one time or another. Krissy and I were the deprived ones.
-RC Willey. We'd go there on Saturdays for their hog dogs and sodas for lunch and walk around looking at furniture. Fun? No, not really. But good times nonetheless.
-books, books, and more books. He was always reading something.
-Law and Order. He loved that show. And he loved to watch it with the volume really, really, loud. And you dare only speak during commercials or you would be 'shooshed'.
-Ford Fiesta's. He owned a couple of those in his lifetime.
-rest stops on road trips
-talk radio. another thing he listened to with the volume dial pegged all the way up.
-Journey. Not that they were his favorite band. Because they weren't. It's because he said once that whenever he saw a picture of the lead singer, he wanted to punch him in the face.

And you know what?

That makes me happy.


The Royals said...

When you were little I lived with your famliy for about 3 months. I loved going to the mall and running through it after it was closed with Dyan and Danny. Good times.

Maytribe said...

I knew you would have something about Dad today. I love you!!


That last one made me laugh out loud!! I totally see what he meant!

Hoovy4 said...

Not just rest stops on road trips, but "Historical Monuments"! Ah yes. Good times, indeed.
Love you fuzz bucket.

Mojo said...

What about Oldies trivia?! I remember him quizzing you guys all the time. Your dad was fun.

The Dillon 6 said...

I did know that about your Dad -- Mall Manager. I thought that was about the coolest job ever.

Makes sense, since your Dad was pretty cool, too.