Wednesday, December 16, 2009

just beachy

The Beach Boys Christmas album is the best. Ever.

Prolly 'cause I was brainwashed with it as a young girl growing up in Wyoming.

You didn't know I was from Wyoming?

I'm that cool.

And my brother Craig would agree with me.

About the Beach Boys album being the best.

And I'm sure if he were high on Nyquil, he'd tell you I was his coolest sister, too.

Don't you lie, Craig. Santa's checking his list.

And for a story that only a handful of people think is funny, that goes along with this next song..

Remember cassette tapes? Waiting all day for the DJ to play your favorite song, only to have him talk through the first minute of it.

Stupid DJ.

Anyways...we had these songs on tape and Lael thought she'd be funny and say something onto the tape.

So somewhere lost in my parents garage is the original tape. And on that original tape is this song where long, long ago in the downstairs basement of our house in Utah, ((yes, i'm from Utah, too. i told you i was cool. now do you believe me?)) Lael recorded her cute little tween voice saying, "How are you?", right around the 1:06 minute mark.

I can't listen to this song without adding that part in.


Emily and Nathan said...

Ahh, bring back the memories! We too got the pleasure of listening to the wonderful The Beach Boys from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day year after year. I must admit I still yearn to hear "The Man with all the Toys". Christmas just isn't the same without it!