Wednesday, December 9, 2009

do you see what i see?

First this one:

Cades' fingers were smashed in the door nine days ago.

We just noticed last night that he no longer has a pinky-nail.

A big THANK-YOU, to his brother and sister who shut the door.

Next item of business,

I've been noticing more wrinkles around my eyes.

To stop that problem, I'm going to stop smiling, laughing, chuckling, squinting, or performing any other kind of facial expression that will cause me to look older than 18.

Think it'll work?

And the last very important matter for today.

See that thing growing out of my head in the upper right corner of the photo?

My horns are back.

I had them growing up.

Then they went away.

But after birthing Cade, the hair in that region decided that it would show its appreciation of me having four babies by falling out.

You want some horns of your own, don't you?


Kori said...

We can compare "horns" at Christmas! :)

Puhlman said...

I think you are beautiful....even with horns and wrinkles.

When I first looked at that picture it reminded me of Corgan. CUTE.

Emily and Nathan said...

I am getting the grow back too. But in my case it isn't horns, it is what looks like a mullet. I have a puff of hair on top and then long thin hair. I feel your pain.

Smith Family said...

At least you don't have gray hair yet! All my baby hair grew in gray and I promptly cut it out.

Josh and Jolie said...

that poor baby! That fingernail didn't even last a year. Gotta love older siblings for their relentless torture on the younger ones.

and I also feel your pain about the crow's feet and hair loss. but honestly, yours isn't bad at all! I am starting to get crows feet and so my mom told me to put Retin A cream on them before bed. She swears by it! She's in her early 60s and you can barely see hers.

Melissa said...

I remember your horns! I still think you have beautiful hair (and face) though. Last month I noticed wrinkles around my mouth...I also briefly considered giving up smiling/laughing/etc., but then decided the wrinkles are worth it. Although I would still rather do without; maybe I'll try the Retin A cream suggestion.


I hear you about the horns....the curse of curly hair, I guess. That picture of Cade's finger makes me cringe! Poor baby!

Hoovy4 said...

You can try all you like - those wrinkles are in your genes. Cursed, I tell you. We are cursed to have much wrinkled eyes!!