Tuesday, June 30, 2009

tuesdays with dorie & running stuff

Carol chose the Perfect Party Cake, for Tuesdays with Dorie, and it lived up to its name. Lemony, raspberry goodness. Practically perfect in every way.

I made it about two months ago for Lily's 4th birthday party and it was a hit. Definitely the perfect party cake.

And on Saturday I ran in the Seattle Rock n' Roll Half-Marathon.

My sister April, ran it, too.

My finishing time was 1:56:24!!!

This was the sign Lily made for me....it's awesome.

Funny story:
I had a friend in high school who said he was going to be running in the race, too. We said to each other, "Maybe I'll see you there!" But with 25,000 runners, the chances were slim.

Around mile 7, I look to my left and there he is! Caleb!! So we high five and laugh and chat for just a couple minutes, then I made a beeline for the potty and he ran on.

We did meet up after the race and laughed about how funny it was we hadn't seen each other in ten years and then we end up running together in a half marathon.

Here's where it gets better:

They--those in charge of the race-- randomly take pictures of us while we're running. And one of those photos is within the couple minutes we were running together!!

Funny, right?

To me it is.



MLA said...

Your Perfect Party Cake looks awesome! I'm envious - my cake didn't rise that much at all!
And congrats on your half-marathon time - now that's totally awesome!

The Royals said...

You had a great time! I have always wanted to do a marathon (or 1/2), but I can never get my big butt up!

The Dillon 6 said...

I admire all you masochistic runners who took on such a fun race. Congratulations!

And that cake looks SO yummy!

Mojo said...

I still can't get myself to run one of those. Maybe after baby two. Way to Go!

Pamela said...

That cake looks soo good. I'm going to have to make it. Way to go on the half-marathon. You so are amazing!!!

Joshua and Jolie said...

Really?? What are the odds that, out of 25,000 runners, you and your long lost friend had their pic taken together, even though you only hung around each other for a few minutes.
Talk about needle in a haystack odds.

Great job running another race!! You're so inspiring.

Hayter Family said...

checkout those legs.

Maria said...

Congrats on the race!! And the cake looks so good I am going to try it. Thanks for posting it!

Amanda said...

The cake looks awesome! Congrats on your run :)