Sunday, June 7, 2009

ninety and nine

It only took almost six years years, but I finally did it.

Aaron was already at church fulfilling his calling and attending meetings.

I get the kids dressed and out the door loaded up in the van and get to church.

Usher them inside.

I can hear the organ playing, so I'm just a minute or two late.

Open the chapel doors, spot Aaron, and slide us all onto the bench.


Quickly thumb to the right hymn and start singing.

Aaron leans over and asks, "Where's the baby?"

It takes my brain about two seconds to catch up to what he was asking.

He was asking me where my baby was.

My fourth child.

My son who is still outside in the van.

My baby!!!!

I quickly fish out the keys from our always tidy church-bag and rush out the doors.

I find Cade just chillin' in the Vanagon like nothing was wrong.

I have a good laugh with a friend who had just parked and was headed inside the building.

During the meetings, my mind kept going back to the story of our Savior, and how He doesn't forget any of His sheep.

We may get caught up with our lives and forget Him at times, but He is always there searching for us, and hoping we'll come back to Him.

So my lesson was learned for the day.

I need to be sure to remember Him and not forget why I'm here.

And make sure my children know that I love them and won't ever forget them or their needs.

And maybe leave just a few minutes earlier to make it to church on time.


Hoovy4 said... least he was just in the van, and not all the way back at home! Good for you for being able to find a spiritual lesson from it though. That IS what we are here to do.


Hey, you can't remember EVERYTHING! that is funny. I think that's one of my worst nightmares is to leave one of the kids behind somewhere.

The Dillon 6 said...

I was going to say JUST what April did -- at least he wasn't at home on the dryer. ;)

Great lesson/parable.