Sunday, March 22, 2009


This post goes out to my brother-in-law, Dave Hoeveler. ((that's pronounced whoove-ler))

Today is his birthday. And he is celebrating it a million miles from where he'd like to be.

At the moment and until January of 2010, he's serving us in Al Asad, Iraq. A huge airbase NW of Baghdad. He's a Sergeant in charge of the maintenance and repair of 8 CH47's...also known as Hooker Helicopters. His Army men are supporting a Marine battalion. For every hour the birds are in the air, there's two hours of maintenance to get ready for the next time they fly. It's kind of like going to the beach....sand everywhere. In places you didn't think you had.

He's married to my oldest sister, April. And has been for the past 10 1/2 years.

He loves his son Caleb. Who is as smart as a whip. Caleb is in 1st grade but reads like he's in 7th. No joke.

And the only other girl in Dave's life is his daughter, Abby. Who he absolutely adores and loves somethin' fierce.

Oh--he's also got a great sense of humor.
It's because of Dave and the happiness of my sister, that I have second thoughts of having another baby. Let me explain. Whenever I'm pregnant or just had a baby, Dave has either been deployed somewhere or gone for weeks at a time for training.

The day Cade was born was a bittersweet day. My family was excited for another baby but that was also the day Dave left for his current deployment. So for every milestone in age that Cade has is also a little celebration for the time that Dave has been gone. It means that he's only that much closer to being home with his wife and kids.

And you better believe that April is one tough cookie as an Army man's wife. I am amazed at the strength she has to get up each morning and be a great mom to her kids and a supportive wife to Dave. She is amazing on so many different levels. Her testimony of the Gospel is strong. Her body is strong ((she is my triathlon buddy and she is who i am my running the half with in june)). And I believe that it is because of her faith in Christ that gives her that strength.

So here's to you, Dave, on your day of birth. I hope it's a happy one and that you're safe.

I love you, man.


Hayter Family said...

you have a good family rachel. We'll be home in june...i'd love to run with (but probably really far behind) you.

The Dillon 6 said...

are you sure you didn't just give away top-secret information? I think you must have because I am crying. I love our family!!

Plain City Dickamores said...

WOW!! no wonder your my sister. YOu need to write a book. Love this post!!!

Hoovy4 said...

Thanks Rachel. I really couldn't have said it better myself. I'm going to hi-jack this post & put it on my blog! I love you!!

Raych the brain Stangle said...

hey Rach because of the all the other posts I never leave my 2-cents but I love your blog and I'm still dying to know about the story with the fireman in the back of who's ever car that was... any who thanks a million for this post. that is so cool to know Dave is so well loved. being the oldest of our fam he could be quite the terd. but seeing him all grown up... he's amazing and one of my biggest heros. and Apes is one of the most amazing people I have been privileged to know. and I believe whole heartedly that she brings out the best in Dave. I'm so glad we get to share her. cause with apes it's not just good enough to call her friend but an extra joy to call her sister. love your family you guys are the best.

wahoov said...

Thank you Rachel for your sweet words of love for Dave and April. I was deeply touched that you would add this to your blog. David is our oldest son and we are proud of his service to our country and his testimony of the gospel and especially for the love he has for April, Caleb and Abby and all of his family members connected to him by birth and by marriage. It is the family that we are sealed together for time and all eternity that I cherish. With love, Dad H.
PS: I don't know how he ever fit into that halloween costume. Glad it was a size xxxl. :)

Emily and Nathan said...

It is always a hard time when a daddy has to leave for a deployment. It is a good thing your sister and her husband has such a good a strong family for support. That helps a lot for the family and soldier.

The Royals said...

I totally agree with you about April. I know from experience that it takes all kinds of strength you didn't know you had. But when you see them after all those months it is just heaven.