Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veteran's Day!!!

corgan at his schools Veteran's Day Parade yesterday

Today we went to the parade downtown. Before we left Corgan asked if it was a "candy parade".
I told him that this parade wouldn't have any candy. But it would have a band and Army trucks and lots of Army guys marching.
The parade starts promptly at 11am and was over at 11:09.
Corgan looked up at me and said, "That wasn't a candy parade. It was a clapping parade."
We did a lot of clapping for the servicemen.

The coolest part of the entire parade was when a older military guy, wearing his highly decorated uniform, riding in the parade on his motorized scooter, noticed a spectator still wearing his hat as the color guard marched passed. He yelled, "Take off your hat!" And rode on by. It was hilarious. The now non-hat-wearing man was just a little embarrassed.

Lunch on Sunday....

Aaron: Lily, you need to finish your lunch; and then it's nap time.

Lily: Daddy, why don't you just go and watch some football.


ericksons said...


Beth Tunnell said...

Happy Veterans Day! So, Hey I was wondering if you minded if I used the poem you posted a little while ago. I wanna share some Grandma Cozy wisdoms with it. And the poem is fantastic!

The Dillon 6 said...

I love the shirt he's wearing...did you make it? It looks like some that Family Fun featured. :)

ray-ray says said...

beth---the poem is free to whoever wants to use it....i found it about a year ago on another website.

missy---they made the shirts at school. i love Family Fun ideas!

Anonymous said...

your kids are hilarious and cute but you already knew that :)