Monday, October 20, 2008

calm before the storm

I knew it wouldn't last.

The kids were eerily good all afternoon.

They made a cute little pumpkin garland to add to our already decorated home.

Then about 7:36, the stuff hit the fan. We were thisclose to having them in bed, just about ready to start the nightly ritual of tidying up, bathroom activities, jammies, story, prayers and lights out.

It's like the three of them were in some sort of secret combination to see how much havoc they could raise in 24 minutes.

I decided to try and have Family Home Evening. It was forced and the angelic kids from earlier in the afternoon were nowhere to be found. Those children had become inhabited by little devils.

The forced spiritual family time was over and I was quickly trying to get them in their beds before I turned into a devil myself. To add to my quickly depleting patience, Aaron thought it would be funny to hum the tune, "As I have loved you..." over and over and over again. My thoughts of ill will turned from the kids, to him.

They are finally tucked into bed. And in a few minutes they will be asleep and the little devils will be replaced with the sweet angels from this afternoon.

As for me, I think I deserve some ice cream.
Aaron can get his own.


Momoko Photography said...

You should buy Haggen Daz's Dulce Duleche.

The Dillon 6 said...

hahahahaa!!! Our kids have been the same way...must be the weather, or the pull of the moon or something...

Joshua and Jolie said...

yeah, we have plenty of moments such as those. When the wicked witch of the west comes out in me, Josh will sometimes sing "There is beauty all around...when there's love at home...."
DRIVES ME NUTS! It's not like I pride myself on being a total ogre to the kids sometimes, but when they've been hammering on your nerves all day long and you just don't have a single shred of patience left in your body...

Ahhhh, yes. Those are the nights when moms DEFINATELY deserve ice cream. ;-)